Campsite Regulations and Safety Standards

Regulations for the Belvedere campsite on the lake of Idro:

On arrival campers are required to produce their ID for registration.
Dogs are only admitted if KEPT ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES including when they are close to the guests’ tents or caravans.
Parking of vehicles close to the restaurant and outside the assigned parking bay(s) is not permitted.
Any types of sound players shall be kept on a low volume and be turned off during rest hours.
Any person causing noise or nuisance will be expelled from the campsite.
From 11 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. any noise preventing campers from resting – including noise produced when assembling or disassembling tents – is strictly prohibited.
During those hours the use of radios or similar apparatus is forbidden, and guests are not allowed to gather in loud or noisy groups of people, use the playground or drive motor vehicles.
Visitors will only be admitted if authorised by the management: any admitted visitors are required to produce their ID. Visitors are only allowed to spend one hour maximum in the campsite, after which they will be required to pay a full daily admission fee. Visitors shall only be admitted from 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and are required to leave the campsite at 8,30 p.m. at the latest.
The use of wastewater containers under caravans or camper vans is mandatory.
On departure guests are required to check out and leave the campsite area at 10:00 p.m. at the latest. Any guests leaving after that time, even when the caravan or camper van has already been removed, will be subject to an additional daily fee.
A solid waste container may be found in the yard on the right hand side of the campsite exit gate, do not throw rubbish in the bins placed in toilets.
Damaging the campsite vegetation and equipment is strictly forbidden. Guests should absolutely refrain from digging holes or ditches around the tent, pouring hot, salted or waste liquids onto the ground or lighting fires in the open. The use of charcoal barbecues is admitted as long as cooking smoke causes no inconvenience to neighbours or damage to the lawn or ground underneath.
A medical doctor will be available on demand.
On departure, guests are required to remove all kinds of waste and rocks from their parking bay and cover any holes left on the ground.
Campers are required to keep their personal belongings safe.
The management assumes no liability in case of any mislead or stolen personal belongings not kept in lockers.
Washing cars, caravans or camper vans is not allowed.
Minors will only be admitted if accompanied by their parents or adult relatives.
Children shall always be accompanied by adults in the use of the campsite toilets and other equipment or facilities.
Parents are directly liable for their children.
Children should be supervised by their parents; the management assumes no liability in this respect.
In case of cancellation, any reserved period of stay shall be paid in full (art. 7 of the Règlement International de Hôtellerie, International Hospitality Regulations).